September 14-15, 2017
Los Angeles
US and Asia: Leadership in a Time of

The theme for the 2017 Future of Asia Conference is "US and Asia: Leadership in a Time of Change."

With nationalism and anti-globalization forces on the rise around the world, leadership will be critical in managing much-needed economic reforms, technological innovation, security challenges and shifts in popular taste and culture across Asia.

US seen from Asia
China as a new economic leader?
Leading to the brink: North Korea
Japan's search for business models
Who is entertaining Asia
Leading through strength: Xi, Modi, Abe
Race to the top: AI, machine learning
Venture Capital looks to India
Lessons in leadership: Lee Kuan Yew
Future of banking in Asia
Women leaders come forward
Making CEOs
Future of Asia Conferences

Los Angeles has the largest Asian population of any US city. The entertainment, technology and business communities in Los Angeles are all deeply invested in Asia, and vice versa.

Started in 2016, the Future of Asia Conferences bring together influential voices from both sides of the Pacific to look at the opportunities and challenges in the world’s most rapidly growing continent.

The conferences are organized by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, founded in 1953 as a non-partisan forum for foreign affairs.

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